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Answer: Register Dead of Assignments/Conveyance, Delta State Government Building Approval, Global C of O (in progress)

Answer: The land is free from government acquisition and adverse claim.

Answer: payment structures are; outright payment (100% payment), 50% down payment and the balance spread over 6months, 40% down payment and the balance spread over 5months, the as obliged by the management, for either any of the plot sizes of land or any type of the government approved houses of your choice.
Note: that prices of plot based on sizes or government approved Building (house units) are determined by the vendor based on either it is a pre – launch promotional prices, promotional prices or the actual prices

Answer: Documentation and individual survey plan based plot sizes which are ;
1. 5 bedroom fully detached duplexes. Plot size – 450sqm: N80,000
2. 4 bedroom semi-detached duplexes. Plot size – 760sqm: N136,000
3. 3 bedroom Terrace duplexes. Plot size – 1,530sqm: N272,000
INFRASTRUCTURAL FEE: Is N3,500 per square meter
For example:
1. 450sqm: N1,575,000
2. 760sqm: N2,660,000
3. 1,530sqm: N5,355,000 e.t.c

Answer: Documentation and Survey plan fees must be paid before physical allocation plot, while 50% down payment of infrastructural fee must be paid before you can be allowed to start building construction on your plot, while the balance will be spread over 6 months or as obliged by the vendor management.

Answer: Drainage systems, electricity/street lighting, water supply, waste management system, security cameras, paved roads, perimeter fencing, e.t.c.
Answer: Receipt for the payment made, then Deed of Contract/Conveyance when you make payment for the documentation and survey plan of the plot or house type you subscribed into.

Answer: Yes, the road to the estate is accessible, as it less than 1.2 km to the Asaba – Benin – Express road which also leads to Asaba international airport.

Answer: Once payment for the plot of land has been made in full (inclusive of payment for the documentation and survey plan fee).

Answer: The size of corner piece are varies, however, the amount will be prorated using the amount per square meter at the point of purchase based on current price property within the estate.

Answer: Construction can commence after complete payment for land, survey plan, documentation and 50% down payment for infrastructural fee.

Answer: all subscribers must follow the government approved Building plans in the case of the estate with government approved Building plans estates the company, all building designs must be submitted to Frankly Royal View Ltd for legal verification from Delta State Government Building Approval department to be sure it from the Delta State Government in the case of estates where individual subscribers are allowed to get their own building approval from the Delta State Government authority. However, Frankly Royal View Ltd with Delta State Government agents will supervise construction up to foundational level and be in control of quality of building materials to be used within the estate, which must be approved by appropriate experts and authorities, to avoid building collapse which could to a serious and criminal offense.

Answer: Yes, a subscriber who has paid up on their land can resell their plot. However approval must be sought and granted by Frankly Royal View Ltd management. We would require the re-seller to furnish the company with details of the buyers so as to update our database and pay a transfer fee which is to be determined by the management.

Answer: No. All payments should be made to Frankly Royal View Limited account at its designated banks. (Cheque(s) should be issued in favour of Frankly Royal View Land we shall not accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from above instruction.

Answer: Frankly Royal View Land Global has a zero refund policy.
NOTE: Prices for plot of land, building, documentation and survey plan, infrastructural fee, transfer fee, e.t.c are subject to change as Frankly Royal View Ltd reserve all the right. Please contact Frankly Royal View Ltd or the estate manager/staffs to confirm prices before signing.

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