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Investing in a frankly royal view homes

Frankly Royal Homes has many options for the savvy property investor. We build beautiful homes that will have renters in it.


Why invest in property?

With so many investment opportunities out there, why should you choose a property investment?

To generate income

Many investors select real estate for capital growth. They purchase a house or plot of land with the idea of selling it later when the market has risen. If you’re not in a rush, you could rent out your house while you wait for the market to rise, earning revenue and cash flow.

Tax deduction benefits

When tax season comes around, you may be able to claim a number of tax breaks on your investment property. Your loan interest, council rates, water charges, land tax, and even maintenance can all be recovered during the fiscal year.

It's less complicated

Unlike other investments (such as the stock market), real estate investing does not necessitate an abundance of specialized knowledge. This is especially true if you choose Frankly Royal View, as we work with you to understand and reach your investing objectives, answering any questions you may have along the way.

Your investment is tangible

When investing an amount of money, many people find comfort in getting something real and physical. Having an investment property that you can actually see, touch, and visit helps remove any investment worry.

The home will have a larger claimable depreciated value.

Higher property profits, better tenants, and lower vacancy rates are all possibilities.

Your property and new appliances will likely be under a warranty.


Use the land to its greatest capacity, especially if you’re doing a knockdown rebuild or dual occupancy.



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